best all in one grill smokerGrilling and smoking are the most popular methods of preparing meat whenever there is a party. A party can never be complete with a barbeque. However, many people consider grilled and smoked meat unhealthy due to the high number of calories they contain. It is true that grilled and smoked meats have high calories. They promote weight gain and fat accumulation. As tasty as they are, it is not smart to indulge in them too much. Eating grilled and smoked meat requires moderation. That being said, you can prepare the meat in a way the ensure it is healthy and beneficial to the body.

One of the major concerns with grilled and smoked meat is eating uncooked meat. Sometimes the sizes of meats involved a huge, and the meat might end up uncooked in the interior. Eating raw meat can cause a wide range of life-threatening diseases. Everyone wants to be healthy, but also get a chance to enjoy some succulent grilled or smoked meat. We are going to look at several ways in you which you can prepare grilled or smoked meat, and ensure it is healthy.

 Tips for Preparing Healthy Grilled and Smoked Meat

The main aim is to ensure the meat is well-cooked. As far as grilled and smoked meat is concerned, eating it in moderation is the best way to stay healthy.

  • The surest way of making sure the meat is well-cooked is making the pieces to be grilled or smoked thin. However, when the pieces are thinned, they always end up drying up, and not being juicy and tasty. The meat also becomes hard and difficult to chew. That’s why many people prefer to grill thick or smoke large pieces.
  • The guidelines below will ensure your large and thick pieces are well cooked.
  • Always preheat the grill or the oven before you place the meat in. You need the meat to start cooking right away when you place it in the oven. If you let the meat start cooking slowly, it will form a protective layer, and the interior might not cook well.
  • Make cuts on the chuck before placing it in the heat, to give the heat more access to the internal part of the meat.
  • Ensure your meat is moisturized so that you are able to let the meat cook fully, without the exterior burning out. You can use brined water or olive oil to regularly brush the meat and ensure it stays moisturized.
  • Always have a grilling thermometer to check the internal temperature of the meat. Do not remove the meat from the heat if the thickest part of it has not attained its lowest cooking temperature. For instance, the turkey should have a temperature of not less than 170 degrees F at the breast and drumsticks when it’s cooked.

Ensure the temperature in the oven or on the grill does not fluctuate. Let is stay constant until the meat is fully cooked. Barbeques should be tasty and fun, not a source of worry.


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