Meet Our Team


Joseph is one of the most active members of our writing team. He puts his best foot forward to bring the best grill and smoker reviews. He is a rancher, and loves to make BBQs during is free time. He has worked with many types of grills and smokers. He understands what a great grill or smoker entails. Joseph is a great writer too. His pieces are always objective, informative and educative. He puts his discussions and arguments in a very clear and concise manner. Joseph loves to share his knowledge and grill and will help you make the best BBQs in town.

Joseph is passionate about BBQs just like the rest of the team. The thought of a piece of grilled or smoked beef gets him excited. He has a pleasant personality too. He loves to put up BBQ parties at his ranch. Through these parties, he helps us test and review the performances of various grills. He puts them to the test to determine how impressive their deliverables are. He has different brands and models of BBQ equipment and provided his unbiased reviews. He indeed a very resourceful member of the team.


Diana is a mother and a grandmother. She loves to make barbeques for her family. She contributes to our writing team too. Diana has been a cooking enthusiast since she was little. Barbeques are her favorite for any party or occasion. The believers no family gathering can be complete without a barbeque. She has worked with grills and smokers for many years. She has seen the improvements happens. From charcoal smokers and grills to electric smokers and grills, Diana can tell which one performs best. She can distinguish them according to the taste flavor of the food. She will tell you will grill will deliver the beef with the best flavor.

Diana loves to share her cooking prowess. Our platform is one of her channels of sharing her expertise on barbeques. This seasoned woman will turn you into an expert barbeque maker. He wealth of knowledge is always reflected in the reviews she complies and the advice she offers on how to make barbeques. He reviews are always up to the standard and offer a great deal of useful information. She is quite resourceful in helping us try out the various types of grills and smokers and giving feedback about their performance.