best rated traeger grillsGrilling is one of the most ancient methods of cooking. It is still the most popular and loved method of cooking meat. Charcoal grills have been in use for a long time. Then came gas grills and electric grills. All these types of grills are still in use depending on what you feel is convenient for you. There are a lot more improvements in grilling technology. The latest technologies make grilling a whole new experience. They make it fun and more effective. The end result is more delicious and sumptuous meat. The new technologies have also made grilling easy for everyone. Anyone can now grill their meat if they want to.

We seek to educate you about various grilling technologies. We want you to become a master in matters of grilling and barbeques. You will be able to endear yourself to many people if you can make the best grilled meat in town. This is a guide about some of the latest grilling technologies that have revolutionized grilling and made it much more exciting.

Latest Grilling Technologies

Let’s look at four of the most exciting recent grilling technologies.

Sense Mate Feature

This is a technology on electric grills, mainly the WI-FI enabled pellet grills from Green Mountain. It is basically a temperature monitoring system, that monitors the internal temperature of your grill. The system monitors the temperature and displays it on an LCD screen. It could also transmit the information to a mobile device through the WI-FI. The system can also keep the temperature in check, to ensure it remains constant. Your food will cook evenly, as you get to conveniently monitor its progress.

TRU Infra-red Technology

The TRU Infra-red technology is mainly found it Char-Broil gas grills. Char-Broil has patented the technology. It is a technology that enables heat to be distributed evenly in a gas grill. Traditional gas grills have always had a challenge with heat distribution, and that caused the meat to dry up. The TRU Infra-red technology enables heat transport throughout the oven with the help of Infra-red radiation. The meat, therefore, ends up evenly cooked, soft and juicy.

Smart Grill Technology

The Smart grill technology is yet another impressive technology in grills. It is found in the REC TEC grills. It is also used as a PID temperature controller, with REC TEC’S pellet grills. It is an intelligent system that allows you to set any temperature in between 180 degrees F and 500 degrees F, with intervals of 5 degrees F. The grill with maintain the temperature and ensure your food is evenly cooked. You do not have to worry about how the grill is handling the temperature or keep checking with a thermometer.

One-Touch Ash Cleaning System

This system is found in Weber charcoal grills. It is basically a hassle-free method of getting the ashes off the grill. You just have to move the vent back and forth, and the ash will fall through holes into a detachable basket. This helps you to avoid getting your hands dirty and to quickly get rid of the ashes.


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