propane bbq smokerGas smoker grills are commonly used in many places. They are ideal for people who like to travel with their smoker grills. You can carry the propane cylinder, and your grill anywhere, unlike with electric smoker grills. The gas grills do not have the hassles that come with charcoal smoker grills either. Smoking meat with a gas smoker grill is very convenient. You will have to ensure that there is a steady flow of smoke inside the grill. Most of the most common questions we get with regard to gas smoker grills is, how do you add smoke to a gas smoker grill?

We seek to educate and inform you about various aspects of smoker grills. We want to ensure you have a seamless time while smoking or grilling your meat. This is a comprehensive guide to how you add smoke to a gas grill while it is still cooking.

How to Add Smoke to a Gas Grill

In order to understand how you add smoke to a gas smoker grill, you need to understand how it is built. A gas smoker grill comes with the following parts.

  • The smoking chamber of an oven – this is where you place the meat you are smoking. Always place the meat on the grills and avoid place pieces of meat on top of each other.
  • The control panel – the control panel allows you to control the smoker. You can tune it on or off from the panel. It has knobs that allow you to increase the propane released and hence raise the temperature, and vice versa
  • The water bowl – this bowl holds water that ensures none of the juices of the meat being smoked are lost. The meat will lose its natural flavor if the juices are lost through evaporation
  • The wood chip bowl – this wood chip bowls holds the chips that are responsible for producing the smoke. You load up the bowl with a handful of wood chips that are then placed over the burning gas to produce smoke.
  • The gas hose and nozzle – the hose helps connect the smoker oven and the propane cylinder

Adding Smoke

While smoking your meat, you need to ensure there is a constant supply of smoke within the oven. To do this, you will have to add wood chips to the wood chip bowl every now and then.

  • The wood chip bowl is located at the base of the oven and can be pulled out and put back in. Whenever you notice that the smoke inside the oven is reducing, it means all the wood chips have been burnt. You just need to pull out the bowl and add more wood chips.
  • Smoking woodchips can be bought from the grocery store. They are of different types and come from different trees. They also have different flavors. You can sample the flavors and know which one is great for you. That flavor is going to attach itself on your meat.

Make it a habit to soak the wood chips in water for two or three hours to enhance their smoke production. You need them to produce smoke rather than burn like firewood.


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