butterball indoor electric turkey fryerEver heard of a brined turkey? Brining turkey is soaking the turkey in a solution of salt and water overnight. You can add aromatics and spices to the brine too. Brining makes the turkey moist and helps it absorb the spices and flavors into the interior. It is one of the best ways of preparing the turkey. Where you intend to bake or grill the turkey, you can brine it first before you cook it. A brined turkey will make your turkeys the talk in town. Your grilled turkey will thrill your guests if you have it brined first.

We go out of our way to ensure we bring you the best insight into various methods of preparing grilled or baked meat. Grilled or roasted turkey is one of the most popular meals. This is a comprehensive guide on how you can prepare some brined turkey. Tag along and let’s make you a master in preparing the turkey.

How to Prepare Brine Turkey

Why is bringing your turkey necessary? One of the most significant turkeys is the most grilled bird, is because it is a lean bird. Turkey meat does not have a lot of fat. It therefore roasts or bakes very nice. However, the lack of fat means it can easily dry up and lose flavor when baked or roasted. Bringing the turkey helps it remain moist and cook to completion without getting dry. The end result is a succulent and tasty piece of turkey meat.

As mentioned earlier, you can brine your turkey regardless of whether you want to grill or bake it. Follow the following steps to brine your turkey.

  • Brining turkeys should not have been pre-treated in any way. Do not choose turkeys labeled Kosher enhanced or self-basting. These have already been pre-treated with salts. Go for a fresh turkey or slightly thawed turkey.
  • You are going to need ample space in your fridge. Get a big enough pot and a put the turkey in the brine water. Ensure the turkey is fully submerged. Allow your turkey to sit overnight, before removing it and cooking it.
  • This process results in a juicy and well-seasoned turkey. The turkey catches the seasoning flavor, while it is moist and soft. Also, it will not dry while you are baking or roasting it.
  • If you choose to bake the turkey. Ensure it is wrapped well in an aluminum foil while in the oven, to ensure it remains moist. If you intend to grill the turkey keep the brine water close and brush it over the turkey regularly.
  • Brined turkeys cook a bit faster than unbrined ones. Keep you grilling thermometer close and keep checking the internal temperature regularly. The turkey is cooked when the internal temperature is at 170 degrees F. Check the temperatures at the breast and the thighs. These simple steps will you the tastiest piece of turkey you have ever had.

Once cooked, let the turkey lie and continue simmering for a couple of minutes before you slice it.


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