best traeger grill for homeGrilling is one of the most love methods of preparing food. Grilled meat is a favorite delicacy to many people across the world. Charcoal grills have been in use for decades. They have seen various improvements to make them more effective too. You could either use coal or ceramic briquettes on the charcoal grills. Ceramic briquets are preferred because they are a lot cheaper than coal. They burn faster than coal though. So, how do you grill your meat using ceramic briquettes? Does it make any difference on the meat?

We seek to explore various aspects about grills and grilling. We want to ensure you can make the best-grilled meals in the best way possible. Ceramic briquettes have been adopted in many places across the world as one best fuel for grilling. This is a comprehensive guide on how you can use ceramic briquettes on your charcoal grill. Tag along and find out whether ceramic briquettes are your best bet for making amazing grilled meat.

How to Use Ceramic Briquettes on a Charcoal Grill

Many charcoal grills are simply built. They have a charcoal chamber where you place the coal or the ceramic briquettes. The chamber has holes through which ashes are dropped into a removable ash chamber below. Then there is a steel grill metal over the charcoal chamber on which you place your meat.

Using ceramic briquettes on a charcoal grill is quite simple and straightforward. You just need to place the briquettes into the charcoal, just like you would place your coal. Make sure you empty the ash chamber below.

The charcoal grill also has an air vent under the charcoal chamber. You can open and close the vent to control the burn rate of ceramic briquettes. The briquettes are usually huge masses of compressed carbon. When they are deprived of oxygen, their burn rate reduces. More oxygen makes them burn vigorously.

You have to keep in mind that ceramic briquettes will burn a lot faster than coal. You might use three times that amount of coal you would normally use. You, therefore, need to have a lot of them. You will also have to keep adding more ceramic briquettes to the grill if you will be grilling for long hours. There is no difference in the amount of heat produced by ceramic briquettes and coal. The briquettes heat up pretty great too, and they are cheap.

You do not have to stop grilling because you cannot find coal to burn, or it is too expensive for you. The ceramic briquettes are a great option, only that they will make you do a lot more work than you would want to.

Ceramic briquettes produce smoke and soot when they burn. You should make they are well lit before you place your meat on the grill. You do not want to destroy your piece of meat. You should also use the briquettes outdoors. You do not want the soot getting into your household items.


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